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  • Niche down a specific topic to focus your online course around based on your skill set or expertise

  • Identify specific and strategic content to include in the online course

  • Identify the platform to use that will be best suited for your course

  • Identify a few proven methods to market your course to your targeted audience

  • Identify the best price point to sell your online course

Building An Online Course


Creating A Virtual Event Online


  • Identify the specific purpose for hosting the online event

  • Identify the target audience the online event is being created for

  • Identify the specific content that is to be presented at the online event

  • Identify the “wow factor” to make your online event stand apart

  • Identify the most suitable online platform to host your online event, as well as, for attendees to register for the event

  • Identify a few strategic and proven methods to market your online event

  • Identify the price point for your online event based on the perceived value

  • Create A Digital Marketing Plan for your business or your event

  • Identify or Affirm your target audience

  • Outline the specific message being communicated; story telling

  • Develop the specific goals, strategy and tactics

  •  Develop a specific call to action

  •  Determine the digital platform best suited for your digital marketing

 Digital Marketing Strategy Session


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