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About Us



Welcome to The Eventful Life!


I am a mom and an entrepreneur; but have been most affectionately coined  “The Mompreneur” because I started and have owned a business for almost as long as my two boys, Alexander and Jackson, have been on this earth. My greatest triumphs and trials have come from both. I am a builder at heart which is why I started building my first business Completely Yours Events & Design almost 10 years ago after being downsized from corporate America from a career in Sales and Marketing. I have always been a fierce advocate for helping women build their business and build a community which I originally started with The Planners Suite where I assist event planners with building their business. I saw the need was much greater and wanted to reach more women who may be struggling with business, mommyhood, or just themselves and that is where The Eventful Life Enterprises was born.



I am a lover of wine, traveling, my faith, and my family--most of the time. (:


I am on a mission to help my clients reimagine how they can build their life or their business one experience at a time!


Hire The E-Life for Digital Events, Marketing, or Coaching. Maybe you are searching for a community you truly align with, join ours over on the Blog, TV Series, and the E-Life Shop!


Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, it’s understanding the
necessity of both; it’s engaging. It’s being all in. 
~Brene Brown


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